About the Human Capital Research Platform

The Human Capital and Labour Research Platform provides an in-depth and comprehensive online resource of the latest human capital and labour trends and developments in 20 African countries. This research is crucial to investors and companies seeking to enter or expand into Africa.

It offers users a better understanding and knowledge of the context of human capital and labour in terms of:

  • Employment and labour force trends
  • Education, training and skills development
  • Skills shortages
  • Unemployment and job creation
  • Expatriates, immigrants and the diaspora
  • Wage and salary trends
  • Industrial relations
  • Inter-cultural challenges
  • Economic indicators
  • Standards of living
  • Healthcare
  • Labour market efficiency
  • The human resources profession

A unique offering

A wide range of reports exist focusing on the economic and political environments of African countries. But information about the human capital and labour forces of these countries is scarce and fragmented. Our Research Platform offers an integrated analysis of the quality and quantity of human capital to aid businesses in their strategic planning.

The research is used to:

  • Develop business strategies for expanding into Africa
  • Better understand the industrial relations and collective bargaining framework of each country
  • Keep abreast of employment trends in relevant industries and occupations
  • Better manage and leverage expatriates
  • Gain insight into wage and salary trends
  • Get an in-depth analysis of the quality of human capital available

The platform is an essential resource for:

  • HR patitioners and talent managers
  • Multinational corporations
  • Marketing departments
  • Investors
  • Academics & students
  • Students
  • Governments
  • Consultants

Data from credible sources

We only use data from credible sources, which include:

  • National statistics agencies and bureaus
  • Central banks
  • Government departments
  • International Labour Organization
  • International Monetary Fund
  • World Economic Forum
  • World Health Organization
  • World Bank

Sources of information are referenced and hyperlinked, giving users easy access to additional information.


  • One subscription provides access to an unlimited number of users
  • Access provided through login passwords or IP authentication
  • Users can access the information from anywhere with an internet connection at any time, from any device
  • Research content is fully searchable
  • User statistics are available to monitor the usage of the platform

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