Clients and testimonials

The KR team have produced what I believe will be an indispensable reference source on Human Capital and Labour in African countries.

The research is thorough but concise, with benchmarking where necessary and each section concludes with a very useful section on implications, challenges and recommendations.

I recommend the research to Human Resource and Organisation Strategists wishing to enter or compete in these African countries. The research is excellent as well as being exceptionally well priced for the value being offered.

Dave van Eeden
Editor of The Role of the Chief Human Resources Officer
Executive: Organisation Improvement

The Human Capital and Labour Research Portal offered by KR is the only high level work of its kind in the world – from Africa for Africa and the rest of the world. The portal offers the most comprehensive and integrated research on human capital in African countries and therefore constitutes the definitive piece of work on African labour markets. The integrated focus on the demographics of the labour force, education and skills levels in countries depicted in colourful graphs makes it a user-friendly source and “must read” for all business leaders contemplating to do business in African markets. No business leader should pursue these markets without utilising the portal in order to gain a proper understanding of strategic challenges, risks and opportunities, and then to prepare strategies for addressing these issues.

Throughout the research with key statistics and qualitative analysis of the implications and challenges of human capital gaps, recommendations are offered to inform decision-makers of factors impacting their human capital decisions. Thus, the research goes beyond the current rhetoric about lucrative business opportunities, vast potential and unlimited economic growth in African countries to provide a balanced perspective and reality check about top priorities for building human capital in Africa. In essence, the central theme in all the country profiles is that human capital development will be imperative for business success and sustainability in African markets. Current short-term approaches to exploiting labour and keeping human capital costs down in low educated markets cannot be perpetuated and will not be sustainable. Likewise, African governments and business leaders need to step up and prioritise good governance, leadership and human capital development as their top three priorities in making labour markets, and ultimately their countries function optimally.

Effective labour markets and good country governance are inextricably linked and offer the only sustainable solutions to Africa’s problems and challenges. In essence, the Human Capital and Labour Research Portal provides a one-stop solution to analysing labour market and human capital business risks in selected African markets. Ignoring the challenges outlined, and its recommendations will not only put your business at risk, it may limit future business and economic growth in these countries. Fortunately, though, addressing the challenges from a strategic human capital development perspective, may offer a sound approach to strategically position your business in achieving sustainable success in African markets.

Marius Meyer
SA Board for People Practices (SABPP)

This is a valuable source of information on human capital and labour developments in various African countries. It offers the most comprehensive and integrated research of its kind and we have used the data to analyse labour market trends and human capital business risks. I would highly recommend this to HR and business leaders with current business operations in these countries or who wish to enter African markets.

Pearl Maphoshe
Vice President: Human Resources
Former HR Director, Massmart
South 32