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The Human Capital and Labour Research Platform offers data and analysis of the latest human capital and labour trends and developments in African countries. It provides users with a better understanding of:

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  • Employment and labour force trends
  • Education, training and skills development
  • Skills shortages
  • Unemployment and job creation
  • Expatriates, immigrants and the diaspora
  • Wage and salary trends
  • Industrial relations
  • Economic indicators
  • Standards of living
  • Healthcare
  • Labour market efficiency
  • The human resources profession


The platform offers in-depth research for the following countries:

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  • - Key human capital and labour indicators are regularly updated
  • - Data are analysed, interpreted and benchmarked
  • - Research includes implications of findings and recommendations for policymakers, business and HR practitioners
  • - Users have access to a downloadable PDF report for each of the countries subscribed to

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Recently Updated

28 September 2018

Nigeria - Key Nigerian unions including some representing oil workers have embarked on a nation-wide strike to demand a new national minimum wage.  Read More

7 August 2018

Zimbabwe - Emmerson Mnangagwa has been announced the winner of Zimbabwe's presidential election with 50.8% of votes, against MDC-candidate Nelson Chamisa's 44.3%. The military opened fire on MDC members protesting the result, killing six, and a larger crackdown on the opposition party has followed.  Read More

31 July 2018

South Africa - In a ruling on the status of temporary workers provided by labour brokers to clients, the Constitutional Court has ruled that the employ of workers who work for three continuous months passes to the client. Clients must to hire these workers on a permanent basis. Read More

16 July 2018

Zimbabwe - The newly updated Human Capital and Labour Report: Zimbabwe is now available to subscribers.  Read More

21 June 2018

South Africa - Eskom employees have rejected a 4.7% salary increase offer from the power utility and remain on strike. Eskom has blamed striking workers for having to implement power-saving blackouts. Read More

18 June 2018

South Africa - Government will offer thousands of public servants over 60 early retirement in an effort to cut the public sector wage bill after reaching a new 3-year wage deal with public sector unions. Read More

4 June 2018

Nigeria - Health workers in Nigeria ended a six week strike that had resulted in the paralysis of many of the country's public hospitals and clinics. Read More

18 May 2018

Zimbabwe - Where Zimbabwe's population grew by 51% between 1990 and 2014, the number of physicians in the country declined by 11% over the same period. Read More

16 April 2018

Namibia - Investors have welcomed a decision to scrap a BEE clause based on South Africa's legislation that would require companies to be 25% owned by 'racially disadvantaged' individuals. The government cited recognition that such a clause would not result in broad economic empowerment. Read More

12 April 2018

Zimbabwe - Between 2004 and 2014, the largest increases in employment were in household activities (33.2%), education (31.6%) and agriculture, forestry and fishing (26.7%). The latter is the country’s largest employer, providing work to over two-thirds of employed Zimbabweans. Read More

Ghana - Surprisingly, a larger number of women (887,408) work in the manufacturing industry than do men (366,432). Ghanaian women make up more than half (54%) of the employed.  Read More

10 April 2018

South Africa - The updated 2018 Human Capital and Labour Report: South Africa is now available to subscribers. Read More

5 December 2017

South Africa - South Africa's ranking on the Global Competitiveness Index 2017-2018 dropped by 14 places since last year, to 61st. The country's ranking dropped significantly on several institutional indicators, including 'irregular payments and bribes' and 'transparency of government policymaking'.  Read More

19 October 2017

Nigeria - Nigeria is experiencing rapid urbanisation, with Lagos being Africa's fastest-growing city. The country has a massive housing backlog in the region of 17 million units. Read More

Kenya - According to the latest figures, 2.9% of Kenyan men aged 15-49 had no formal schooling in 2014, compared to 7% of Kenyan women who have never gone to school. Only 32.8% of men and 26.9% of women had completed secondary school or attained post-secondary school training. Read More

2 October 2017

South Africa - The country lost 113,000 jobs from the first quarter of 2017 to the second quarter, according to Stats SA. The largest job losses were in the construction and agriculture sectors. Read More

23 August 2017

Namibia - The new, updated and improved Namibia report is now available via the online platform and for download. Read More

26 July 2017

Mozambique - The new, updated Human Capital and Labour Report Mozambique is now available to subscribers. Read More

25 July 2017

Egypt - In the 4th quarter of 2017, 24% of state owned company Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries (ENPPI) is set to go on sale as part of the Egyptian government’s efforts to privatise a number of state owned enterprises.  Read More

24 July 2017

Botswana - In 2016, Botswana ranked first out of 144 countries on the Global Gender Gap Report for educational attainment. Read More

21 July 2017

South Africa - The country's Labour Appeal Court ruled in July 2017 that temporary employees contracted to a client by a labour broker would automatically gain legal status as permanent employees of the client company after three months.  Read More

10 July 2017

Botswana - New release – the revised 2017 Botswana Human Capital and Labour Report is now available on the portal and as a PDF download.  Read More

19 June 2017

South Africa - South Africa's youth unemployment rate stands at a shocking 54.3% in quarter 1 of 2017 - a substantial increase from 47.8% in quarter 1 of 2009. Read More

7 June 2017

Egypt - The new Egypt Human Capital and Labour report is now available online and for download (PDF). Read More

6 June 2017

South Africa - The unemployment rate for the working-age population (15–64 years) stood at 27.7% in Q1 2017 - an increase from 26.5% in Q1 2016. Read More

Botswana - Botswana is the third-best ranked sub-Saharan African country on the World Bank’s Doing Business Index 2017, ranking 71st out of 190 countries.  Read More

9 May 2017

Zambia - Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema appeared in court on a treason charge after being arrested for allegedly failing to move out of the way of the presidential motorcade in April. The country’s president has suggested he may initiate a state of emergency. Read More

26 April 2017

Namibia - Namibia's score on the Corruption Perception Index dropped by one point from 53 in 2015 to 52 out of 100 in 2016. Read More

10 April 2017

Angola - In early April, teachers in Angola embarked on a three-day national strike due to low wages and the poor conditions of public schools.  Read More

14 March 2017

Kenya - In Kenya, an ongoing strike by public sector doctors which began in December 2016 is crippling the healthcare system.  Read More

10 March 2017

Lesotho-Swaziland - Lesotho is expected to hold elections again soon after the country’s prime minister was ousted by a vote of no confidence and King Letsie III dissolved the country’s parliament in early March.  Read More

8 March 2017

Mauritius - Mauritius is the easiest country to conduct business in in sub-Saharan Africa according to the Doing Business 2017 rankings. However, compared to 2016, its ranking has declined in all indicators except registering property and trading across borders, where its rankings remained unchanged.  Read More

3 March 2017

Nigeria - The latest IMF estimates suggest Nigeria’s economy contracted by 1.7% in 2016, compared to South Africa’s, which narrowly missed a recession with growth of 0.1% in the same year Read More

24 January 2017

Rwanda - Rwanda’s 2015 score of 62.3 points out of 100 in overall governance on the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) is a 16.1 point improvement from its score of 46.2 in 2000. Read More

19 January 2017

Botswana - Botswana had the third-highest (22.2%) HIV/Aids rate in the world in 2015, which was higher than the South African rate of 19.2%, Namibian rate of 13.3%, and Zimbabwean rate of 14.7%.  Read More

Angola - The literacy rate of Angola’s adult population increased from 67.4% in 2001 to an estimated 71.2% in 2015; the literacy rate for females increased from 54.2% to 60.4%, while the rate for males declined from 82.9% to 82%.  Read More

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This is a valuable source of information on human capital and labour developments in various African countries. It offers the most comprehensive and integrated research of its kind and we have used the data to analyse labour market trends and human capital business risks. I would highly recommend this to HR and business leaders with current business operations in these countries or who wish to enter African markets.

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